March 20, 2012

Home Makeover: Living Room Edition

Recently I went on a home makeover binge and spent weeks cleaning, decorating and painting. Suddenly I a burned out. That's usually how it goes. I get the mood to renovate for a few weeks and then I am over it for a month or so. Here is one of the end products of my recent binge, My living room was dark and drab and depressing I hated the colors and the style. It felt cluttered and crowded. For my birthday last september my parents offered to buy paint to redecorate my living room. So six months later I took the up on the offer and headed to Lowes to pick out my colors.

Here is a basic idea of what it looked like before sans furniture.

I wanted something modern and neutral.  I want to be able change out d├ęcor and colors of furniture etc without worrying about the walls. So I went with white trim & ceiling and a soft beige for the walls.  Originally the room had a mauve accent wall.  I hated the color and the dark accent wall soaks up the light from the window across the room, leaving the whole space dark and dreary.  I ended up painting all the walls the same color and it really brightened the room.  I hung some shelves I bought last year at Ikea, moved my computer desk to the spare room to clear out some clutter and eventually the TV will be hung over the fireplace to rid the room of my behemoth entertainment center and make room for some wall art.

Here are the after shots of a more modern living space.

The fireplace is my favorite part of the room/redo even though it’s never been used.  It was such an eyesore before. It’s amazing what a little paint can do to change up a room.

Here is the fireplace remake:

So that’s that. Next on my to do list is to repaint the dining room to tie it all together and gut out the living room closet for its mini-mudroom makeover.

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